Juvederm Voluma®, the hyaluronic acid-based injectable implant

Wrinkles are not the only visible signs of the aging of the face; the cheeks and the temples which become hollower, the skin which moves downwards emphasizing the nasogenian furrow are signs that are even more visible. Taking into account the decrease in facial volume as a result of the lack of fat is therefore primordial in anti-aging treatments, and one of the constituents of the skin that is responsible for this decrease in volume is hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural constituent of the skin, it has a role to play in hydration, in the volume and in the suppleness of the dermal tissue but when we age the quantity that is regenerated decreases considerably and therefore also affects the facial volume and makes the skin drier.

Juvederm Voluma®

The products used as wrinkle fillers or face-lifts cannot restore the volumes lost. On the other hand, Juvederm Voluma was specifically developed to do this, it is a volumizing implant in the form of a resorbable hyaluronic acid based gel, whose result lasts a long time. It gives the cheeks, cheekbones and chin dermal volume and at the same time smoothes the skin.

If injected Juvederm Voluma stimulates even collagen and elastin production, both are natural proteins that are essential for our bodies, they are the main support for the structure and elasticity of tissue.

Consult your aesthetic plastic surgeon to find out about the different anti-aging treatment techniques and possibilities. Frequently, several combined techniques are used to obtain a natural and invisible overall result, where people will tell you “oh, you look really good, you’re in great shape”. To restore volumes, based on how much fat has been lost, different types of polymerized hyaluronic acids are used, Juvederm Voluma treats significant volume loss and the results last a lot longer.

Voluma® hyaluronic acid injection

L’injection se fait en profondeur au niveau du contact osseux en général, à l’aide de très fines aiguilles réduisant du coup les hématomes. En déposant le produit au niveau du contact osseux et sur les régions éloignées des muscles les plus actifs du visage, on augmente la durée de vie de l’acide hyaluronique bien que résorbable.

Large volumes lose a lot so more moderately to strongly cross-linked hyaluronic acid needs to be injected and it is here that the expertise of the practitioner is of the greatest importance. Above all, let a professional who is highly-accomplished in this specific practice take care of your face.

Generally-speaking an anaesthetic is not required, a cream applied just before the procedure is enough to numb the injection area. The session last around 30 minutes and sometimes two sessions are required and, yes; it is better to do it step-by-step rather than injecting too much product in one go.

Redness, an oedema or hematoma can develop around the injection area. These do not last for very long (a week at the most) and can be easily hidden with make-up. Inform your practitioner if these reactions persist (more than a week) or if any side-effect appears.

If the injection has not worked correctly, “for a professional this is unthinkable” but many patients consult reputed specialists because of this, an antidote – hyaluronidase – exists, it is an enzyme that dissolves the hyaluronic acid injection in just a few hours.

Renewing the injections wisely every year for example takes into account the cumulative aspect and maintains the volumizing effect of Juvederm Voluma over time.