My VOLBELLA Experience

Mon expérience du Volbella à Paris 8 - Dr Hayot, chirurgien esthétique

Dr Hayot is a medical consultant and trainer for the major group – Allergan®. His knowledge of aesthetic medicine and his high level of technicality have made him a reference for anti-aging treatments and for facial rejuvenation methods.

Dr Hayot shares his knowledge and transmits it during workshops in France and abroad several times a year. His status as an expert in aesthetic eye rejuvenation surgery bears witness to his faculty to precisely analyse the indications of each patients and enables him to train his colleagues to use the Laboratoires Allergan’s® injectable products.

Having worked for numerous years on the Juverderm® range of products, Dr Hayot now presents us with a new product: Volbella®.

This dermal filler restores volumes in a highly natural way. Mainly composed of pure hyaluronic acid, Volbella® is principally used for lips, the peribuccal zone and for treating circles under the eyes, cheekbones and temples.

Its advantages

This product contains a concentration of hyaluronic acid that is higher than the other products of the same range, such as Voluma®. It has a wealth of advantages:

  • Only slightly hydrophilic, the product absorbs little water yet is highly-efficient in dermis filling. Unlike other acids, the taught then re-smoothed skin effect is immediate.
  • The adverse effects of the hyaluronic acid injection are reduced. The risk of post-injection inflammation and transitional oedema is lessened.
  • Above and beyond the volumizing effect: HydrationVolbella® is very powerful in deeply hydrating the dermis. Lips are plumped up and have a real glossy look, Volbella® acts like lip gloss. It redefines the contour of the lips and treats the corners of the mouth.
  • Denser, the result from Volbella® lasts longer: An injection is on average effective for 12 to 18 months against only 6 to 8 months for the other acids.
  • Il• It contains a low percentage of Lidocaine, a light local anaesthetic which offers patients greater comfort for a gentle injection.Despite its higher price, Volbella® should be able to convince thanks to its quality, its effectiveness and its longevity.

The zones

Le Volbella® is highly-efficient on expression lines, on nasogenian furrows, on lip contour wrinkles and on circles under the eyes.

When it is superficially injected with light points, the fine vertical lines of the “smoker’s mouth” are rapidly filled. It also softens those known as “marionette” wrinkles in the corners of the mouth and down to the chin.

Combined with a Anti Wrinkles Treatment injection, this product eliminates wrinkles durably as well as the tired look of the face. Even for the wrinkles around the mouth there is no risk of transitional paralysis or of functional impediment.

Reminder: Hyaluronic acid is derived from a natural sugar that is present in the body whose purpose is to maintain the volume and elasticity of the skin. Its natural production decreases over time with age, injections are aesthetic treatments used to maintain good hydration and good skin texture. This substance reconstructs the volumes of the face to make up for the lack of fat.


The product is highly tolerated by the body and lasts for over a year.

In the study published by Clinical, Cosmetic & Investigational Dermatology, 86% of patients express a high level of satisfaction and state there is notable improvement in the aspect of their lips after the injection.

What are the adverse effects?

As with all injections, slight swelling of the area injected as well as slight bruising around the area injected may occur. These adverse effects remain transitional and generally disappear in a few hours post- injection.

The JUVÉDERM® range of dermal fillers must only be administered by trained and qualified medical aesthetic plastic surgeons and practitioners.

Dr Bernard Hayot

Article rédigé par le Dr Bernard Hayot

Spécialisé dans la chirurgie des paupières et formé par les pionniers américains de la chirurgie oculoplastique, je propose des interventions uniques et calibrées pour chaque patient. Mon activité se partage à égalité entre chirurgie et médecine esthétique. Mes patients souhaitent de plus en plus des actes légers, sans suites visibles, mais aussi et surtout des résultats naturels, ne laissant pas deviner l’intervention.

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