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Hyaluronic acid, a substance that is present in its natural state in the body; hydrates and adds volume to your skin. A third of the hyaluronic acid contained in the body is naturally eliminated and replaced every day. As we grow older, the amount of hyaluronic acid that is naturally present in the body decreases.

Dr Bernard Hayot, expert for the Laboratoires Allergan, has been working for many years on the development and experimentation of the latest hyaluronic acid molecules.

His experience in surgically treating facial volumes (lipostructure), offered him the opportunity to apply all his surgical and aesthetic knowledge to aesthetic medicine and to the volumizing hyaluronic acid injection for which he is one of its pioneers.

Long-lasting, surgery-free aesthetic treatment

Today, as a result of the progress of aesthetic medicine, all types of wrinkles can be treated without surgery, but only with these localized injections.

During a single session, the face can be “rejuvenated” globally and harmoniously.

Expression lines are treated as soon as they appear with Anti Wrinkles Treatment (i.e. Anti Wrinkles Treatment®).

Those that come from the lack of fat or cutaneous breaks, as well as jowls and bitterness folds are treated with hyaluronic acid injections. As for wrinkles around the mouth, they are treated by a combination of Anti Wrinkles Treatment and hyaluronic acid injections.

All you need to know about Juvéderm® Ultra

The addition of lidocaine offers more comfort to patients during and post-injection.

The versatility of the gel makes it possible to inject using the finest needles, thus pain and hematoma are lessened.

The revolutionary cross-linking process means that optimal volumizing capacity remains for up to 18 months.

How is hyaluronic acid used?

An intradermal injection is made in the skin using a very fine needle. When injected under a wrinkle, the hyaluronic acid re-inflates the tissue and gives the skin a smooth, natural look. Treating a wrinkle with hyaluronic acid is, in general, easy, results are visible immediately and there is no scarring.

Why are wrinkles filled with hyaluronic acid?

Has been used for many years in intra-ocular surgery (intra-ocular injected hyaluronic acid maintains ocular tonicity during ophthalmologic procedures). Its excellent tolerance in an organ as fragile as the eye led us to develop its intradermal use

It is non-allergenic (so no tests beforehand) and it is resorbable (it is not permanent). Finally, it is very well tolerated (it is a constituent of the human body).

Into which wrinkles is hyaluronic acid injected?

  • nasogenian furrows,
  • bitterness folds,
  • peribuccal wrinkles (in the white area of the lip around the mouth),
  • in addition to or in combination with Anti Wrinkles Treatment injections: on frown lines, on crow’s feet, on horizontal lines on the forehead.
  • the mouth: at lip-contour level (to redesign the contour of the lips and to prevent lipstick from running), the lips themselves (to restore volume).

What happens after a hyaluronic acid injection?

There may be some temporary redness. They disappear after 24-48 hours. There may be a slight oedema; it is also temporary. Yet, it can be reduced if, immediately after the injection, small ice cubes are placed on the treated areas. Other side-effects have been reported: Pain at the injection point, itching, discolouration and sensitivity at the injection point. They do not last longer than 2 or 3 days.

Is there any danger?

It is one of the safest fillers that exists.

How long does the result last?

On average, and depending on the product used, results can last up to 9 months. Sometimes they even last 12 months.

It is recommended to have an annual check-up to take advantage of the cumulative effect of the product, so that during a second session, after around 9 months, less of the product should be used. Most patients choose to have their second session between 6 and 12 months after the first one.


If the patient has skin disorders (treat them first), if sensitive to hyaluronic acid, in the event of autoimmune disease or diabetes.

Dr Bernard Hayot

Article rédigé par le Dr Bernard Hayot

Spécialisé dans la chirurgie des paupières et formé par les pionniers américains de la chirurgie oculoplastique, je propose des interventions uniques et calibrées pour chaque patient. Mon activité se partage à égalité entre chirurgie et médecine esthétique. Mes patients souhaitent de plus en plus des actes légers, sans suites visibles, mais aussi et surtout des résultats naturels, ne laissant pas deviner l’intervention.

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