Techniques in rejuvenation by age techniques

Actualités : le livre du Dr Bernard Hayot, chirurgien esthétique à Paris 8

Following the publication of his book “Un nouveau regard sur le rajeunissement du visage” (A New Look At Facial Rejuvenation), Doctor Hayot presents all the anti-aging operations that he recommends to his patients in his new booklet “Decrypt’âge*

A chaque âge, sa solution esthétique” (Decrypting, Each Age has its Aesthetic Solution)

The booklet describes the different syndromes of aging and provides readers with solutions that are adapted to their desires and their age: from Anti Wrinkles Treatment and hyaluronic acid injections through eyelid surgery to mini-lifting procedures.

In this work, Doctor Bernard Hayot gives an overview of the techniques used in facial rejuvenation and proves that it is now possible to appear younger without systematically having to go through a surgical procedure.

Yet questions remain. At what age should you begin treatment? Which treatment is the most efficient? Are procedures the same at 20, 30, 50 years old and over?

Heading towards new aesthetic surgery

« Farewell too tightly-stretched faces, inexpressive and frozen features, overly-high eyebrows. I provide an adapted and personalized answer for each aesthetic issue that my patients may come across in the course of their life.»