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Treating Under-eye Circles

I specialise in eye surgery and also treat dark under-eye circles. Patients come to me concerned about their dark circles and tired appearance.

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Dr Hayot, chirurgien et médecin esthétique à Paris 8

A Word from Doctor Hayot

“I have been practising blepharoplasty and all techniques of eyelid surgery for more than 25 years. At the forefront of innovative techniques and avant-garde solutions, my vision for rejuvenating cosmetic surgery continues to evolve.

In 2015, following the Centrofacial Rejuvenation convention in Belgium, I was able to observe the incredible results of addition blepharoplasty, which is a new revolutionary technique that makes it possible to rejuvenate the eyes by adding volume to the eyelids rather than by removing it from the skin or the fat of my patient’s face.

Since the discovery of this surgical technique, I almost systematically combine addition blepharoplasty with a classic skin or fat resection. I carry out the filling and volume restoration using micro lipofilling : precise injections, with millimetre accuracy, which enable me to restore the volumes using my patient’s own fat.”

Advancement of eye rejuvenation surgery

Over 20 years ago, eye rejuvenation only consisted in reducing the under-eye circles by withdrawing the pouches and by removing the cap at upper eyelid level by ablating excess skin (classical blepharoplasty).

Aesthetic eyelid surgery has since made tremendous progress. The entire upper third of the face is now taken into account. Whether under-eye circles, pouches, (eye bags), skin slackening, or eyebrow collapsing, I address the issues of each patient and tailor-make each surgery to coincide with their specific needs.

Making circles disapper : personalised treatment for a natural result

One of the new challenges of modern surgery of the eye area is the treatment of circles. In fact, standard blepharoplasty, which consists of removing under-eye bags and stretching the skin, can only serve to make the circle worse by hollowing out the eye area even more.

To make the circles disappear, they need to be filled:

I prefer to fill circles using fat (micro-lipostructure) injections because, in my opinion, hyaluronic acid injections to under-eye circles present three major problems:

1. Hyaluronic acid is not reabsorbed into the under-eye circle and remains permanently.
2. Hyaluronic acid inflates over time by absorbing water like a sponge and can form an ugly blueish bag.
3. The skin of the under-eye circles is very fine, almost transparent, and hyaluronic acid, which is itself transparent, can be seen through the skin giving a blueish colour. This is the Tyndall effect of hyaluronic acid.
In expert hands, fat injections to the under-eye circles (micro-lipostructure of the under-eye circles) is the preferred treatment because:

1. The results are permanent and final.
2. The fat reduces the transparency of the skin and corrects the colour of the under-eye circles.
3. The results are very natural-looking because the fat disappears beneath the skin and improves the circle, and inserting fat under the circle gives magical results.

Under-eye circle specialist in Paris

Patients most often come to my surgery with the following complaint: “Doctor, my eyes look tired and hollow, what can I do?”. Patients often find it hard to distinguish between under-eye bags , hollow circles and dark circles. All the more so since the parameters of each are often linked, and bags and circles generally occur at the same time.

Treatment of the under-eye circles generally requires a combination of several remedies. The most effective are as follows:

  • Micro-lipostructure of the circles is the most effective treatment for hollow circles
  • Nano Lipofilling of dark circles is one of the only truly effective treatments for dark circles
  • Fractional laser treatment can help by improving the skin texture of new dark circles
  • Vascular laser treatment can be effective for new purplish circles
  • Anti-circle peels (Amelan peel, glyco eye peel) can improve hyper-pigmented circles

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My wife has dark circles and her gp said no fat glands ?? Takes her hours to get ready with cosmetics trying to hide to darkness , could there be a cure ?.



May you please send me some photographs in order to give you first advice? My email is info@drhayot.com



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