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Treating Under-eye Pouches

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Treating Under-eye Pouches

Pouches or eye bags appear as part of the natural aging process. Over the years, the fatty pouch that protects the eye from the bone walls extends under the skin and forms a fat pouch.

Several external variations may be aggravated by: the hormonal cycle, overly-salty food, alcoholic drinks and even a bad position during sleep.

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A Word from Doctor Hayot

« Using a laser scalpel, and by going inside the eyelid transconjunctivally, I can remove the eye bags without causing any bleeding or scarring. A successful eye bag removal surgery results in a younger and fresher look. »

What makes under-eye pouches appear ?

Under-eye pouches are more visible in the morning as they have been exacerbated by the horizontal position during the night. During the day, when vertical, the oedema decreases and the eye recovers a normal appearance.
Occasionally, eye bags and under-eye circles are combined in a single surgery to improve the overall appearance around the eye.

Laser surgery for eye bags

Frequently mistaken for fatigue or lack of sleep, fatty deposits under the eyes (or eye bags) are actually a sign of ageing. In some patients, the fat that protects the eye moves and creates an eye bag that gives an impression of tiredness.

Eye bags may also be hereditary.
During the eye bag removal procedure, I remove the fatty deposits without resulting in any visible scars by going inside the eyelid with a laser scalpel.
Once the eye bag removal surgery is complete, the eye has a more youthful look.


  • No visible scars
  • No stitches
  • No post-operative oedema
  • Permanent results

Practical information

  • Anaesthetic : potentiated local (neuroleptanalgesy)
  • Length of the procedure : less than one hour
  • Hospitalization : ambulatory
  • Downtime : less than 48 hours


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