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Nano fat transfer

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Nano fat transfer

It’s the medicine of the future, the medicine of the 21st century. It involves using individual’s own cells to replace, repair or regenerate injured or ageing tissues. In medicine and cosmetic surgery, we mainly use stem cells and growth factors from the patients’ own fat.

These fat-transfer techniques have been used for over twenty years to restore the volumes of the face that have dissolved and the surgeons who have been using these techniques for many years have realized that at the outcome something more than just restoration of volumes. When we see our patients a few months or years after the fat-volumizing injection we realize that the texture, the quality of the skin as well as the epidermis have clearly improved, and we already felt the role of the stem cells in the regeneration of the tissue.

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Why you should choose nano fat transfer

Nano-fat transfer corrects superficial damage to the skin. It reduces sagging and fills wrinkles without needing to resort to more traumatic techniques like deep peeling, laser resurfacing or injections that contain synthetically-modified fillers.

When fat injections are used to fill wrinkles, the results are permanent and natural.

Micro fat injection results

After the fat injection procedure, using the nano-grafting technique, a little bruising will appear around the injection points. These post-operative marks will disappear after a few days and this type of procedure does not cause any trauma to the skin.

The results of superficial facial fat injections are more long-lasting than those from fillers such as hyaluronic acid. Why? With fillers, the hyaluronic acid can be absorbed rapidly in areas of the face that move: mouth contour wrinkles, eyelid wrinkles, horizontal lines on the forehead, “marionette creases” or laughter lines.
With regards to under-eye circles, I still occasionally use hyaluronic acid when the skin is neither too thin nor transparent. This is particularly useful for patients with thicker skin or darker skin types. As the result is semi-permanent, I can use an antidote to remove the product and perhaps even replace it with fat. » Read less


We are able today to restore volume or treat wrinkles with fat. We regenerate the skin by a very superficial injection of this “fat broth” which will regenerate the tissues permanently.


  • Anaesthesia : neuroleptanalgesia or local anaesthesia
  • Duration of the intervention : approximately 1H
  • Hospitalisation : outpatient
  • Desocialisation : 5 to 7 days depending on the specificities of the patient and her/his lifestyle

Nano fat transfer for treating coloured under-eye circles

Another advantage of nano fat transfer is it can be used to treat coloured dark circles. Whether red, blue or violet, fat injections thicken the dermis and create a protective layer between the thin skin around the eyelids and the capillaries below.
The transparency effect disappears as the fat cells create a coating between the skin and the underlying structures. The colour of the dark circle is corrected and the sunken under-eye circle disappears.

Understanding the micro fat injection techniques

Nano fat transfer or fat injections, (which are still rarely performed in Europe) are similar to mesotherapy. But unlike traditional mesotherapy, no foreign body or synthetically-modified product is injected into the patient’s body.

The various steps of the operation are:

  • Following a local or general anaesthetic, the plastic surgeon extracts a small quantity of fat cells from a specific area: thigh, knee or stomach.
  • These fat cells are then cleaned and purified with a saline solution, which eliminates the fibrous cells contained in the fat cells.
  • The purified fat is then filtered through a type of strainer to ensure that only micro-adipocytes are kept, which will help the graft be successful.
  • The plastic surgeon injects the fat into the patient’s face in small quantities, to ensure that the result is natural.

Nano fat transfer prices in london

The innovative nano fat transfer technique is still rarely performed in Europe as very few plastic surgeons who specialse in facial rejuvenation, are well-trained in this particular procedure.
Facial lipofilling rates vary based on the costs of the material and equipment used, duration of the operation and the number of areas to be treated.

A consultation with the plastic surgeon is required to establish a cost estimate based on the patient’s needs and expectations.

Facial micro-lipofilling

In short, nano fat transfer is a highly-effective, anti-aging technique. It is an excellent alternative to filling wrinkles with synthetically-modified fillers and the effects are longer-lasting over time.
Micro fat injections can be performed safely by experienced practitioners who know exactly how much fat to inject to ensure the result is both harmonious and natural.

The practitioner’s precision and dexterity will also prevent complications and may reduce the post-operative effects of lipofilling.

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Hey, is it possibly to get an prize range for this kind of surgery?

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Hello, Thank you for your trust. It is difficult to give you an exact quotation without seeing you in consultation. I invite you to contact my office for any further information or to set up an appointment. Regards.



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