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Open your eyes to the advantages of Eyelid Surgery

For many centuries, Doctors, writer and philosopher had a fascination for eyes but can we just talk only about its physical appearance? They definitely allow us to see forms, colours and move in the space, but can’t they express something else like our mood or an emotion? William Shakespeare once said, “the eyes are the window to your soul” while famous roman philosopher Cicero wrote “the face is a picture of the mind as the eyes are its interpreter”.

If the eyes are the window of our soul, then it can be quite disheartening when the signs of aging start to affect how our eyes look. Even after a good night sleep, you still look tired? Puffy eyes and dark circles don’t want to disappear! You tried the best eye creams, special massage techniques or cucumber slices but nothing makes a difference!

Unfortunately, the genes are to blame. When we hit our 30s, 40s, 50s, the skin around the eyes starts to stretch. At the same time, muscles weaken and the fat of the face shifts. These changes are different upon individuals but results in sagging skin on the upper or/and lower eyelids. It can even affect the make-up application and more considerably, your vision. It also makes the eyes look smaller and tired.

There is little that can reverse or correct the ageing process except cosmetic surgery, known as blepharoplasty, or more commonly named upper or lower eyelid surgery. During the procedure, excess of skin around the eye are removed through a small incision place in the fold of the eyelid or fat injections are performed to fill the upper or lower eyelid upon the patient needs. No visible scarring will be left, and the result is a wider, more youthful looking eye area.

Dr Bernard Hayot, tells us the reason eyelid surgery is the most popular treatment today in Europe.


The benefit of an eyelid surgery can be physical as well as mental. The main reason my patients request a blepharoplasty is because their eyes make them look older and tired. Usually, when you look tired in the mirror, you often feel tired. The appearance of a patient can profoundly change after the elimination of skin excess from the upper eyelid surgery.
The person looks finally awake. The outcome of the surgery can shave years off their look and their eye expression became youthful and alert.

The eyelid surgery provides permanent and guaranteed natural results.


Developing a medical condition like damaged vision is also possible. Sagging skin over the upper eye can actually affect an individual’s peripheral vision or make it hard for them to look up. The upper blepharoplasty can deliver a permanent relief for a problem like this, making it possible to carry out normal daily activities without worrying about your eyes and the way they look.

I’ve seen patients who tried anti wrinkles injections for years before undergone surgery. Anti wrinkle injections actually lift up the tail of the eyebrows therefore reduces the sagging skin on the upper eyelid. Reducing the drooping skin gives a patient a wider and clearer field of vision but eyelid surgery provides an instant and permanent solution to the problem.


The eyelid surgery is a very quick procedure which can be performed under local anaesthesia and treated as a day case. A lot of my patients are anxious by the thought of going under general anaesthesia. Any blepharoplasty surgery requires only local anaesthesia with neurolept analgesia to relax the patient, but he/she will be conscious all the way through the surgery. The skin around the eyes are anesthetized, so the process is quite comfortable. On the other hand, if a patient requires a light general anaesthesia it is also possible.

The procedure itself last between 45 min to three hours upon the number area treated and if you require fat transfer in addition of the blepharoplasty. As long as everything goes according to plan, the patient can go home straight after the surgery to recover.


Most patients experience minimal pain with some bruising and swelling may appeared after the surgery. It is common to feel some discomfort around the eyelids and eye dryness few days after the procedure. I usually advice my patient to relax few days to ensure a faster healing process. The stitches are removed after 4 days.

It is easy to go back to normal activities after a week and workaholic can often work from home within few days. the bruises and swelling will start to disappear within few weeks, and the result of the procedure can finally be seen.

Bruises around the eyes shouldn’t be a problem; they can be easily hidden under sunglasses or make-up, so anyone can get out of the house and being able to do their housework duties.


I consider a procedure to be successful only when the result cannot be guessed easily. And the great thing about this surgery is the immediate result which gives back the eye their youthful appearance. I guarantee people will compliment about your restful and refreshed look without noticing you undergone cosmetic surgery. Eyelid surgery is not about changing your appearance but about restoring it!

The scars of the upper eyelid surgery are hidden in the fold of the eyelids while the scars of the lower eyelids are hidden in the line of the lashes to avoid tell-tale signs of surgery. No one will notice the scarring and they will completely disappear within weeks.

It is actually possible to look younger without anyone noticing you had surgery… and your secret is safe with me!


Facial features can be improved with the eyelid surgery to restore a more youthful and rested appearance. If you are looking to have back the eyes of your young adult life, then the blepharoplasty might be the answer for you.

Most of the time, I perform an upper eyelid surgery with fat transfer injection into the eyelid to give back the fullness of the eyes of my patient’s from their 20’s. In some cases, patients who seek for the upper eyelid surgery can also benefit from a lower eyelid surgery. Bags and puffiness around the eyes could make a patient look tired and much older than their years.

Finally, the surgery of the lower and upper eyelids can be merged with other procedures like laser resurfacing, mini facelift, micro-fat transfer or fat injection into wrinkles.

Dr Bernard Hayot

Article rédigé par le Dr Bernard Hayot

Spécialisé dans la chirurgie des paupières et formé par les pionniers américains de la chirurgie oculoplastique, je propose des interventions uniques et calibrées pour chaque patient. Mon activité se partage à égalité entre chirurgie et médecine esthétique. Mes patients souhaitent de plus en plus des actes légers, sans suites visibles, mais aussi et surtout des résultats naturels, ne laissant pas deviner l’intervention.

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