Hollow Eye treatment

A hollow eye can be the result of fat loss at the upper eyelid level or if the palpebral fold rides up. As we age, the eyelid fold can rise to 15 mm from the eyelashes, which in turn deepens the appearance of socket (a normal fold is located at around 6 to 8 mm).

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Dr Hayot, chirurgien et médecin esthétique à Paris 8

A Word from Doctor Hayot

«The ideal blepharoplasty treatment for the hollow eye is peri-socket lipostructure of the upper eyelid and lower eyelid. As a specialist in eyelid surgery, I perform this procedure with techniques that I have acquired over my twenty years of experience.

Occasionally the hollow eye is the result of a badly-executed and overly-aggressive aesthetic blepharoplasty where the surgeon has removed too much fat / skin from the patient’s eyelids. In this case, the solution is the same as the one used for the congenital hollow eye: peri-socket micro-lipostructure.»

Peri-socket lipofiling/lipostructure (fat transfer)

Unlike a sunken circle which is caused by loss of fat under the lower eyelid, the hollow eye is the result of a loss of fat throughout the socket framework.
The hollow eye is frequently congenital or hereditary but it worsens with age as a result of fat loss.


  • The result is permanent,
  • A natural technique (analogue fat transplant) that guarantees a natural result

Practical information

  • Anaesthetic : potentiated local (neuroleptanalgesy)
  • Length of the procedure : one hour
  • Hospitalization : ambulatory
  • Downtime : 8 to 15 days (presence of oedema and hematoma)


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