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Micro fat transfer

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Micro fat transfer

Micro-lipostructure involves injecting very small amounts of similar fat into certain areas of the face in order to recreate the volumes that have dissolved. The injected fat is taken originally on the patient himself, which eliminates any risk of rejection of the product.

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A Word from Doctor Hayot

«I strongly believe that when facial aging occurs, the volume that has been lost needs to be restored. Fat injections provide the most natural result when it comes to sunken under-eye circles, cheekbones, and the temples. With fat injections the result is definitive, discreet and natural.»

Why choose the volumizing fat injections ?

For many years, aesthetic medicine was used to fill skin breaks and fill deep wrinkles with hyaluronic acid injections. Dr. Hayot has turned away from this method to favour fat injections!

Over the years, the cosmetic surgeon noticed that the hyaluronic acid he had injected into his patients in dark circles, cheekbones or temples had not disappeared and was not completely absorbable!

The result is much less natural and definitive than with fat injections! The Hyaluronic acid, when highly crosslinked (dense) creates puffy and uniform faces.

For more information, read Dr. Hayot’s presentation: “Hyaluronic acid: an alarming finding”

The benefits of volumizing fat injections

The advantages of the injection of volumizing fat are very numerous: they come to reinforce the idea that injections of hyaluronic acid are less indicated as a volume treatment of the face:

  • When the technique is mastered by the cosmetic surgeon specialized in the face, the result is subtle and discreet. The volumes created at the level of the temples, cheekbones or upper eyelids combine harmoniously with the rest of the face. Unlike volumizing hyaluronic acid injections, faces are not swollen or puffy.
  • Fat injections can be performed under local anaesthesia, which eliminates the risk of general anaesthesia.
  • There is little or no risk to the patient’s health. The technique is reliable and safe.
  • The treatment is not painful, and the follow-up is simple.
  • Unlike the recurrence of other aesthetic medicine treatments, the face lipofilling offers a definitive result.

Before/after micro fat transfer

The vast majority of patients who have had lipofilling are extremely satisfied with the results of the operation.

A few days after lipofilling, the areas of the face that have been injected are slightly swollen, with small oedema, and it is not common to see bruising around the point of entry of the cannula injection. These side effects last eight to ten days and gradually fade. During recovery time, makeup can cover the treated area and hide the marks of the intervention to avoid desocialization.
The definitive result can be seen one month after the procedure: lipofilling made it possible to raise the cheekbones and the cheeks, to fill the orbital cavity and to fill the temples.

The face finds the fullness of youth and is rejuvenated by several years. Lipofilling will also, thanks to the stem cells, to revive the production of collagen and thus the cutaneous trophicity, and to remove wrinkles by filling the facial features.


  • Whether hollow eyes, dark circles, cheeks or cheekbones are treated with fat injections, the result is definitive.
  • The stem cells found in the injected fat encourage the regeneration of the skin and in turn delay facial aging.
  • The fat injection procedure is rapid and post-operative downtime is short.
  • Lower eyelid lipofilling reduces dark circles) whether they are (red , blue or grey circles.


  • Anaesthetic: neuroleptanalgesy or general anaesthetic
  • Length of the procedure: around 1h30
  • Hospitalization: ambulatory
  • Downtime: 8 days due to the presence of lipostructure-related oedema.

Micro fat transfer methods

The technique of facial lipofilling is both complex and scalable. New surgical methods have allowed Dr. Bernard Hayot, cosmetic surgeon specializing in facial rejuvenation, to develop a bespoke lipofilling, adapted to the indications of each of his patients. Lipofilling can play on the volumetric ratio of a face, but also to fill wrinkles or to rejuvenate the entire face in nano-lipofilling.
The method involves taking fat from the abdomen, knee or thighs of the patient using a liposuction cannula. The sucked fat is then washed, cleaned, passed through a sort of sieve in order to keep only the finest and most qualitative adipocytes. The smaller the fat cells, the more accurate the fat injections, the easier the fat graft can take and deliver a lasting and harmonious result.

Fat transfer london : what are the prices ?

The rate of facial lipofilling varies according to the area treated and the location of the operation. The following elements justify the high price:

  • The fees of an aesthetic surgeon, the price of pre and post-surgery consultations.
  • The costs of outpatient hospitalization at the private clinic in London.
  • The fees of the medical staff and the anaesthetist during the procedure.

Fat injections : facial volume

In short, Dr. Hayot, is an established aesthetic plastic surgeon who is a specialist in facial rejuvenation. He focuses on cosmetic surgery procedures using fat injections to recreate volume that has been lost during the ageing process.
With natural-looking results, lipofilling continues to be the preferred technique in cutting-edge, anti-ageing cosmetic surgery.

To find out more about lipofilling and to check if you are an appropriate candidate for this procedure, contact Dr. Hayot


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