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Traiter les poches malaires à Paris 8 - Dr Hayot, chirurgien esthétique

Malar Pouch

The malar pouch is located on the upper part of the cheekbone on the malar bone. It is not a pocket of fat but a ptosis of the orbicularis muscle. This slackening leads to a sort of double under-eye circle which worsens the appearance of tiredness.

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Dr Hayot, chirurgien et médecin esthétique à Paris 8

A Word from Doctor Hayot

« An incision is made using a laser scalpel which is neatly hidden along the lash line. I then perform a sub-muscular lifting to tighten and fasten the excess muscle. I combine this technique with cheekbone lipostructure. This technique consists of re-injecting my patient’s fat, which has been extracted beforehand from the knee or the abdomen, to naturally improve the volume of the cheekbones.»

Malar pouch surgery and cheekbone lipostructure

There are multiple and often mixed causes to why a malar pouch forms: it may be due to an inflammatory oedema combined with a muscular swag (sort of excess of the orbicularis muscle) and to fat melting at tear trough level.

The surgical solution is to perform sub-muscular lifting combined with malar lipostructure


  • Malar lifting treats orbicularis muscle slackening and, at the same time, the melting fat.
  • Natural tightening of the muscle.
  • The result of the micro-lipostructure is permanent.
  • Invisible scar, hidden along the ciliary edge.

Practical information

  • Anaesthetic : potentiated local (neuroleptanalgesy)
  • Length of the procedure : around an hour and a half
  • Hospitalization : ambulatory
  • Downtime : a dozen days

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I am interested in pinch under eye and maybe malabar although the malabar lately doesn't seem very visible.



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