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Pinch blepharoplasty

This is a blepharoplasty technique discovered more than 30 years ago, which involves pinching the skin of the lower eyelid using forceps and cutting the excess of skin with scissors without taking off the skin or the orbicularis muscle.

It is a technique that makes its come back today which I use more often because it has several major advantages.

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With the pinch blepharoplasty there is no risk of changing the eyes look

Indeed, we realise more that with the classic blepharoplasty when we take off the skin or the orbicularis muscle the risk of round eye (called scleral show) or the modification of the eye is not simply because we cut too much skin. However, this risk is most often due to the microlysis of the nerve endings during the detachment, which leads to a muscle atony and retractions of the lower eyelid (most of the time is regressive after a few weeks). This risk can lead to complications following the surgery in significant number of cases. Because of the absence of cutaneous separation this risk of retraction of the eyelid does not exist with the pinch blepharoplasty technique.

With the pinch blepharoplasty the scar is almost invisible

Indeed, the big difference between the pinch and the classical technique is that we do not have a scar at the outer corner of the eyelid, which most often make the blepharoplasty scars visible when not hidden in the eyelashes or in the wrinkles of the crow’s feet.

With the pinch blepharoplasty the follow-ups are much simpler

Because of the absence of cutaneous separation, the surgery follow-ups are simpler. There is less oedema and hematoma than with conventional techniques.

The pinch blepharoplasty is very interesting only if it is associated with other techniques

I use more often this technique to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the lower eyelid because I associate it with other techniques like:

  • The ablation of the bags under the eyes by transconjunctival way.
  • A volumizing micro-lipostructure of the wrinkle

In conclusion, the pinch blepharoplasty is an excellent technique for treating excess of skin and achieving a natural result in the lower eyelid and a much simpler surgery follow-up. The main indication of this technique is to treat wrinkles of the lower eyelid level or simply the wrinkled appearance of the eyelid by removing a slight excess of skin without taking off and fully lift the lower eyelid.


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