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Lower Eyelid blepharoplasty

As we age, the muscles around the eye can slacken and there is often an excess of skin. To remedy the distension of the palpebral muscle, the surgeon performs sub-ciliary tightening of the eyelid (with an incision along the eyelash line). This involves sub-palpebral lifting of the lower eyelid or sub-muscular lifting.

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Dr Hayot, chirurgien et médecin esthétique à Paris 8

A Word from Doctor Hayot

“An incision (using a laser scalpel) is made along the edge of the eyelashes so it is discrete. I work under the palpebral muscle (orbicularis muscle of the eye) to detach it completely and then reattach it. This results in a lower eyelid that appears more taught.“

How does the lower eyelid age?

The most severe cases can lead to the formation of a malar pouch (eye bag).

The malar pouch is a double under-eye circle that can reach down to the cheekbone. To correct visible eye bags, the lower eyelid orbicularis muscle needs to be tightened.


  • Natural tightening of the eyelid
  • Invisible scar, hidden along the ciliary edge
  • No risk of natural expression being modified
  • Hones the orbicularis muscle bulge (which often appears when smiling)

Practical information

  • Anaesthetic : potentiated local (neuroleptanalgesy)
  • Length of the procedure : less than one hour
  • Hospitalization : ambulatory
  • Downtime : 6 days (stitches removed on 6th day).


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