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Peribuccal wrinkles injections

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Treating peribuccal wrinkles with Botox injections

As we get older, peribuccal wrinkles appear around the lips and produce a pleating effect around the mouth. This can be due to sun exposure, smoking and dehydration. The orbicularis muscle of the lips, which is frequently used, also emphasizes the appearance of these wrinkles, in particular for smokers who contract the muscle more frequently. This is why they are commonly referred to as, “smoker’s wrinkles”.

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Peribuccal wrinkles injections

Anti Wrinkles Treatment injections calm the hyperactivity of the orbicularis muscle found around the mouth and relax the whole area. However, the aesthetic medicine practitioner must be careful not to inject the lip directly so as not to paralyze it.

B. toxin injections may also help to correct a ‘gummy’ smile. This is when too much gum can be seen while smiling.


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