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Traitement au laser à Paris 8 - Dr Hayot, Chirurgien esthétique à Paris 8

Laser Treatments

A wide range of laser treatments have appeared on the market over the last twenty years. The latest rejuvenation laser, which is also widely acknowledged for its efficiency is the Fraxel® fractional laser.

I propose laser treatment to patients who do not wish to proceed with eyelid surgery hyaluronic acid injections. In certain cases, I advise that laser treatment ought to be used alongside hyaluronic acid injections and eyelid surgery.

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Loss of skin elasticity

Creases that develop around the eye contour are due to a loss of elastin and collagen fibres. When you pinch the skin between your fingers and the crease remains for an abnormally long time, the skin is dehydrated and lacks elasticity.

As we age, our skin elasticity starts to deplete and wrinkles start to appear at lower eyelid level. These wrinkles are visible by the extreme thinness of the skin around the eye contour. The wrinkles are caused by the continual use of our muscular contractions, such as smiling.


  • The skin is scarless
  • No stitches, so no ablation
  • No post-operative oedema or hematoma
  • No risk whatsoever of round eye or of eye expression modification

Practical information

  • Anaesthetic : local or potentiated local (neuroleptanalgesy)
  • Length of the procedure : less than one hour
  • Hospitalization : less than one hour
  • Downtime : less than 48 hours.


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