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Wrinkles fat injections

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Wrinkles fat injections

For decades, cosmetic surgeons have offered face rejuvenation techniques which use chemical components such as Anti Wrinkles Treatment or hyaluronic acid injections.

The revolutionary technique of fat injections allows cosmetic surgeons to use the patient’s own fat cells, without having to resort to a foreign body. This principle of transferring fat from one area of the body (liposuction from the stomach or the legs) to another area (injection in the face) is a safer, more reliable, more effective, more sustainable, and in particular, a lot more natural technique, than all techniques of injecting non-natural products, or products that are made in a factory.

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A Word from Doctor Hayot

Fat injected into nasogenian furrows, peribuccal wrinkles or crow’s feet fills cutaneous breaks and offers natural, definitive results. Prior to the operation, I use a micro-cannulas to extract some of my patient’s fat from strategic areas where the fat is dense and of high quality by performing a micro-liposuction on the stomach or the inner side of the knee.

For some time, I have devised and developed my new techniques for preparing fat: sampling using microcannulas, rinsing the filtered fat onto a microsieve and, in particular, meticulously cleaning all fibrous cells

The fat is a lot purer, smoother and can thus pass through very thin needles: this is the filling of wrinkles by injecting fat

The benefits of fat injections to fill wrinkles

Anti-wrinkle lipofilling allows the cosmetic surgeon to inject very low quantities of fat cells into skin cracks, to make wrinkles disappear from the face over the following areas:

  • The brow furrow (between the eyebrows)
  • The nasolabial folds (between the nose and the mouth)
  • Perioral wrinkles (smokers’ wrinkles around the mouth)
  • Crows’ feet (over the outer corner of the eye)
  • Neckline wrinkles

There are many advantages of this anti-wrinkle treatment:

  • Patients can decrease and space out Anti Wrinkles Treatment injections over the upper third of the face, such that their foreheads are less rigid.
  • The result is more natural and more discreet than with other injections of synthetically-modified products.
  • Anti-wrinkle lipofilling can be carried out under local anaesthetic, which allows a totally comfortable and pain-free treatment. This benefit also allows patients to avoid the risks inherent to general anaesthetics.
  • Recovery time is very short, only a few marks (bruises and swelling) subside a few days after the operation. Covering make-up will allow the patient to very quickly take back up their activities after the lipofilling.

Result of the anti-wrinkle lipofiling

Many patients experience a real passion after they have seen the post-operatory results of anti-wrinkle fat injections.
After a few days, the initial side effects of the operation fade away, and let the final result appear. The face appear visibly younger, as deep wrinkles have been filled, using fat microinjections.

The result is optimised over time, as the purified fat which has been injected in the face, is rich in stem cells and growth drivers. The stem cells that it contains reactivate collagen production, stabilise skin hydration and fight against the appearance of new wrinkles on the face.


  • Anti-wrinkle fat injections provide visible results immediately after the operation
  • Fat injections are more effective than hyaluronic acid injections or Anti Wrinkles Treatment injections as the result is not ephemeral but definitive.
  • There is no risk of rejection (like there is with filler and Anti Wrinkles Treatment)as the graft comes from the patient’s own fat.
  • The fat injected is rich in stem cells to help rejuvenate the skin.
  • Wrinkles fat injections offers a natural and discreet result.
  • Wrinkles fat injections can be performed during the same time as a blepharoplasty for an effective anti-ageing treatment.

Practical informations

  • Anaesthetic: neuroleptanalgesy or general anaesthetic
  • Length of the procedure: around one hour
  • Hospitalization: ambulatory
  • Downtime: 5 to 7 days based on the quantity of fat to be injected and the number of areas to be treated.

Choose the right anti-wrinkle injection for you

There are many wrinkle filling techniques, and it is not always easy to find the most suitable one. When the face has deep wrinkles, from 40 years old, fat injections are recommended – by themselves, or combined with Anti Wrinkles Treatment injections.
Because the result is discreet and natural, this type of face surgery is undetectable by friends and family, even those closest to you. Patients feel a physical and mental well-being the month following the operation, as their wrinkles are diminished, and their face is visibly rejuvenated. Is lipofilling for you? To find out what more, and arrange an appointment for your first consultation,Contact Doctor Hayot.

Price of face lipofilling visage in london

The price of anti-wrinkle lipofilling varies, and depends on many parameters (the cost of the lipofilling equipment, clinic costs, surgeon and hospital staff fees, etc.). Prices applied are also variable, according to the number of areas injected and the level of complexity of the work.
The price of lipofilling can also be lower, if the work is combined with other surgeries, such as a blepharoplasty a removal of bags under the eyes, a mini lift etc.The cost of lipofilling will be defined by the cosmetic surgeon during your first consultation, and will be established in a precise and detailed quote


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