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Lip fillers

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Lip injections

An ever-growing number of patients wish to have lip injections to increase volume or obtain a plumped-up effect. In many cases, patients wish to correct asymmetry or an imbalance between the upper and lower lips.

The most widely-used method consists of redesigning the mouth using hyaluronic acid injections. Lip injections can restore lost volume or volume disproportion between the lips.

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Volumizing effect and hydration

Hyaluronic acid is very powerful when it comes to hydration deep in the layers of the dermis. Post treatment, lips are plumped up and have a glossy appearance. Volbella® acts like a lip gloss. It redefines the contours of the lips and treats the corners of the mouth.

The product is highly tolerated by the body and lasts for over a year.
In a study published by Clinical, Cosmetic & Investigational Dermatology, 86% of patients express a high level of satisfaction and state that there is a notable improvement after lip injections.

Reminder: Hyaluronic acid is derived from a natural sugar that is present in the body. The purpose of hyaluronic acid is to maintain the volume and elasticity in the skin. Its natural production decreases over time with age, hyaluronic acid injections are non-surgical, aesthetic treatments used to maintain good hydration and good skin texture. This substance reconstructs the volumes of the face to make up for fat loss due to aging

The injections session

To ensure the result of a lip injection is natural, very small quantities of hyaluronic acid are injected using a needle or a micro-cannulas at several different injection points.

To effectively plump-up the lips the practitioner must choose a hyaluronic acid that is particularly dense such as Voluma® or Volbella®.

These products are distributed by the Laboratoires Allergan™and are both resorbable and biodegradable. They are only slightly hydrophilic, yet highly-efficient in terms of dermis filling.

The risk of side-effects from hyaluronic acid injections including inflammation and transitional oedema are very low.


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