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Coloured circle

The under eye circle is coloured when the lower eyelid appears darker to the naked eye. The coloured dark circle can appear in various forms: brown, blue, violet or even red.

The coloured under eye circle will make the patient look consistently tired, regardless of their lifestyle. Coloured under eye circles are complicated to treat as there are multiple reasons for their existence.

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A Word from Doctor Hayot

« Coloured under-eyes circles can be complicated to treat and it is important to analyse the causes of this discolouration in order to find the correct treatment method. I place my trust in KTP and FRAXEL lasers which are good alternatives to plastic surgery. Laser treatments do not require downtime and are extremely effective for treating blue and red under eye circles. As for dark or hyperpigmented under eye circles, I strongly recommend a depigmentation peel, a highly-efficient and fast skin rejuvenation treatment which serves to instantly brighten the skin.

On the other hand, hyaluronic acid injections must not be administered where coloured under-eye circles are concerned as this could worsen the “Tyndall effect’. When the skin is extremely thin and/or pigmentation is present, I choose to perform micro lipostructure in the operating room.»

The different types of coloured circle

I have identified several types of coloured under eye circles and a laser treatment that is adapted to each of them:

  • Bluish, violet under eye circles: laser treatment + micro lipostructure

This discolouration is caused by the transparency of the skin which makes the bluish veins and slightly violet orbicularis muscle more visible. The ideal laser treatment is the combination of the FRAXEL® fractional laser which will “thicken” the skin and micro lipostructure to reduce the transparent aspect of the circle.

  • Red under eye circles: laser treatment

The red colouration of the under-eye circle is caused by micro capillaries which are most frequently located in the innermost corners of the eye contour. The dilation of these vessels may be heredity, or related to the ageing process or even to external climatic conditions. The laser treatment solution used to eliminate red circles is the KTP® laser. The energy from this vascular laser stimulates the vessels and makes them retract then totally disappear. The results lasts for several years and can even be permanent when the laser is correctly configured and sessions are correctly performed by an experienced practicioner.

  • Brown or dark under eye circles: depigmentation peel

Hyperpigmentation of the under-eye circle corresponds to deep pigmentary spots; this is frequently heredity and related to ethnic origin. Hyperpigmentation can also be caused through excessive sun exposure. The only solution that eliminates hyperpigmented under-eye circles is the Glyco Eye peel: a highly-efficient and long-lasting one-shot treatment that rejuvenates hyperpigmented circles. Based on glycolic and lactic acids, this superficial peel treats the peri-socket area efficiently without irritating the skin on the lower eyelid . This type of superficial peel acts like a deep exfoliation to result in rejuvenated skin, reduced brown spots (age spots) and hyperpigmented under-eye circles.


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