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Facial fillers for nasogenian furrow

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Nasogenian furrow

The furrow gets deeper and worsens over the years due to active facial expressions like laughing and smiling, these furrows will eventually become more prominent even when the face is at rest.

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When the cutaneous break is not very pronounced, a superficial hyaluronic acid injection (of the Volbella® type) is enough to remove the wrinkle.

However, when the furrow is extremely deep, malar loss must first be restored by raising the cheekbone using very dense hyaluronic acid ( Juvederm Ultra 3®, Voluma®). After the cheekbone has been treated, the product can be injected into the furrow itself. Facial rejuvenation is extremely natural when this hyaluronic acid injection technique is used.

The harmonious dispersion of the product means that it is not concentrated exclusively on the nasogenian furrow and, therefore, does not produce an over-injected or swollen face.

After the session, results can be seen immediately and the effects remain visible for 12 to 18 months.

Reminder: Hyaluronic acid is derived from a natural sugar that is present in the body whose purpose is to maintain the volume and elasticity of the skin. Its natural production decreases over time with age, injections are aesthetic treatments used to maintain good hydration and good skin texture. This substance helps to reconstruct the contours of the face and to restore volume that has been lost during the ageing process.


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