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Injections de Botox pour le masséter à Paris 8 - Dr Hayot

Treating masseter hypertrophy with Botox injections

Masseter hypertrophy often gives the jaw a large appearance. An excessive wide jaw can create a square-shaped lower face and is a widely common problem. While the square jaw may be desirable for men, it is not a feminine desirable feature.

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Causes of masseter hypertrophy

A square jaw means a large jaw bone, the causes being:

  • Bone: when the bone is too large, only surgery can make an improvement but it is a heavy procedure with potential risks involved
  • Muscular: In this case, Botox gives excellent results on hypertrophied masseter muscle

Who are the good candidates

The good candidates for a non-surgical jaw reduction are women, especially of Asian ethnicities, whose jaws are often overdeveloped by the masseter hypertrophy muscle. This is where Botox plays its part.

How to treat hypertrophy of the masseter muscle with botulinum toxin injections ?

Many international academic publications have proved the efficiency of the botulinum toxin for non-surgical jaw reduction, very common for Asian patients.

The masseter muscle is a powerful muscle that helps us to chew. In contact with the mandible, it extends vertically from the angle of the mandible to the temporo-mandibular joint. You can feel the bulging and firmness of the muscle if you place your hand at the angle of the jaw when you clench your teeth down. The injection of Botox® in the masseter muscle will reduce its thickness.

It is very important to note that the practitioner needs to master this technique to not reduce the muscle strength while chewing.

The botox treatment is fast, simple, pain free, with no swelling or downtime.

What is the technique of botox® injection in the masseter muscle ?

The injection is made at the lower edge of the masseter muscle within the body of the muscle just above the bone to give longer-lasting results without compromising the strength of the bone.

1 bottle of 50 units of botulinum toxin is needed to treat both masseter muscles.

A second bottle can be injected one week after the first session, in case the effect of the first injection was inconclusive. Patients with very strong masseter muscles should always be reviewed 15 days after the first Botox® session.

How does the treatment last ? when do i see the resultats ?

1 to 2 sessions are required, 15 days apart.

The optimal result can be seen between 1 and 2 months after the treatment.

The treatment should be repeated every 6 to 8 months. Its effects are longer lasting than with classic aesthetics Botox® injection (4-6 months).

Should the treatment not be repeated, the jaw would return to its original appearance after 1 year. Some researchers have shown permanent changes in the jaw after 2-3 treatments, but it is advisable to come for regular injections for a stable and effective result.

The Aesthetic surgeon should perfecty control botox® injection in the masseter

The technique must be precise and controlled.

The face must be rigorously analysed. The masseter muscle strength and contractile power must be assessed to predict the quality of the results expected.

The asymmetry of the jaws must be measured, and explained to the patient, to avoid any post-injection disappointment.

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I had surgey operation years ago removed tonsillectomy, after that my massetter muscle get pain and pain and muscle been lesions make difficult for me open mouth and my face shape change I hope can help me please My email ettre332@gmail.com mob 07447955141



Only masseter hypertrophy can be treated with botox injection.



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