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Micro botox / derma botox

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Micro botox / derma botox

Dermabotox is the perfect care to treat temporarily oily skin, seborrhoeic skin, dilated pores and acne. Today, some case studies proved that botulinum toxin reduces the production of sebum on the skin thus stopping the bacteria responsible for acne, as well as reduce the size of the pores for a brighter and more rested-looking complexion.

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Micro Botox / Derma Botox

Having been practicing Botox injections for over 25 years, I have always been intrigued by the results of these anti-wrinkles injections on the forehead (‘frontal muscle). With my years of experience, I realised that some results into the frontal muscle presented some disadvantages:

  • The forehead is usually too static. All the patients were ending-up having the same look with a completely paralysed and inexpressive forehead.
  • This type of injection is very often associated with a fall of the eyebrows. The frontal muscle is the muscle that raises the eyebrows, once paralysed it produces the opposite effect that tends to drop the eyebrows and weight down the upper eyelids.
  • Finally, these injections can also lead to the Mephisto’s syndrome. The Mephisto’s syndrome is a too deep fall of the head of the eyebrow and an excessive elevation of the tail of the eyebrow giving the face an angry look.

Faced with these conclusions of Botox injections in extreme behaviours on the forehead, I developed a technique that I called Micro Botox, which involves injecting the Botox very superficially on the skin of the forehead. This technique has many advantages:

  • The results are much more natural and subtler. The forehead retains all its mobility and the wrinkles disappear while avoiding a frozen forehead.
  • After several attempts on my patients, I realized that the Botox injected using this new technique considerably improved the quality of the skin and enlarged pores.

It is from the observation of these results that I developed the technique of DermaBotox which consist in injecting very superficially the Botox all over the rest of the face to improve the quality of skin sometimes using microneedling conjoined.

The Derma Botox

Oily skin is a socially embarrassing and can leads to lack of confidence because it is a problem immediately visible. Excessive sweating of the face makes it difficult, or sometimes even impossible to apply any makeup that will stay flawless all day long …

Forget about all ineffective cosmetics, and losing time blotting your face with paper…

The technique

Botulinum toxin is diluted in a saline solution, and the technique consists in injecting multiple papules on the superficial layer of the skin. Botox can also be dropped on the skin and then penetrates into the dermis using DermaPen.

The session

The act takes place in a medical environment. After analysing your skin, the practitioner will determine the appropriate protocol.
The procedure lasts about 30 minutes and does not require local anaesthesia.

The result

The results are visible after 2 weeks with an improvement in the quality of the skin, especially its radiance, giving a brighter skin, less dilated pores, while preserving the natural appearance of the face for a visibly younger looking skin.
The outcome lasts between 4 months to 6 months on average according to each individual.

How does botulinum toxin work ?

Action on acne

There are two types of cellular organizations that are particularly associated in acne: the sweat glands and the sebaceous glands, which are both responsible for seborrheic secretions.
The consequences are the release of sebum through the pores of the skin. The bacteria eat the oil, causing inflammation and the creation of a pimple.

Action on pores

They are unsightly, but they serve as an evacuation channels for the sebum. Although pores sizes are largely determined by hereditary factors, some are larger than others due to the excess size of the sebaceous gland. By decreasing the production of oil in the sebaceous glands, we indirectly decrease the sizes of the pores.

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Hello, how do I book a consultation for Derma botox for oily skin and large pores? Thanks



Hello, to book a consultation in London, please kindly contact the Epilium & Skin center: contact@epilium.co.uk or +44 20 7486 5134



Please can you tell me when the next london appointment will be



Please contact my center Epilium & Skin to know my next availabilities for an appointment in London: contact@epilium.co.uk



Are you based in London? As I would be interested!



I do consult in London, to set up an appointment please contact Epilium & Skin +44 20 7486 5134



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