Non Surgical Nose Reshaping

La Rhinoplastie Médicale à Paris 8 - Dr Hayot, chirurgien esthétique

Wishing to offer his patients innovational facial rejuvenation techniques, Dr Bernard Hayot today proposes to go even further in terms of alternatives to aesthetic surgery with medical rhinoplasty.

Hyaluronic acid to correct the shape of the nose

Surgeon, facial rejuvenation specialist, Dr Bernard Hayot today uses volumizing hyaluronic acid injections to correct the shape of the nose: this is known as medical rhinoplasty.

By using targeted injections that offer immediate medical management and without the need for surgery, medical rhinoplasty aesthetically corrects the shape of the nose; carried out at the tip of the nose to turn up the tip, or between the bridge and the brow bone to decrease the “bump on the nose”, it masks the bumps of the nose more precisely than surgery does.

Rhinoplasty without post-operative effects

No post-operative effect, pain-free, medical rhinoplasty is envisaged when an ungainly nose needs to be corrected or when surgical rhinoplasty flaws need to be corrected.